The History of the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival was initially celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. However, this festival was later linked to the moon festival which usually fell on a different date each year.
In China, there are many legends about things that happen during this festival. One legend is about Chang-e and her husband Hou Yi who were very good archers.
Ten suns were rising in the sky simultaneously in ancient times, so the crops died and the people could not live. A hero named Hou Yi, with great strength, sympathized with the suffering people and drew his divine bow to shoot down nine suns in one go, and strictly ordered the last sun to rise and set on time for the benefit of the people. Hou Yi’s wife was named Chang-e. Except for hunting, Hou Yi spent his days with his wife. Many aspirants came to learn the art, and the unscrupulous Peng Meng also joined in.
One day, Hou Yi went to the Kunlun Mountain to visit friends and seek Taoism and asked the Queen Mother for a packet of immortality medicine. Hou yi was told by Queen Mother if you take this medicine, you can instantly ascend to heaven and become immortal. However, Hou Yi could not leave his wife behind and temporarily gave the medicine to Chang-e to treasure. Chang-e hid the medicine into the dressing table of the hundred treasure box. Few days later, Hou Yi led all the disciples to go hunting, and the evil-minded Peng Meng pretended to be sick and did not go out. Soon after Hou Yi left, Peng Meng entered the house’s backyard with a sword and forced Chang-e to give up the medicine. Chang-e knew that she was no match for Peng Meng, so she turned around and opened the treasure box and took out the immortality pill and swallowed it. Chang-e drank the medicine; her body immediately floated off the ground, out of the window, and flew to the sky. As Chang-e was concerned about her husband, she flew down to the nearest earthly moon and became immortal.
Hou Yi returned home in the evening, and the maids cried about what happened during the day. Hou Yi was shocked and angry and drew his sword to kill the villains, but Peng Meng had escaped, Hou Yi was so mad that he pounded his chest, grief, and looked up at the night sky to call Chang-e. At that time, he found that today’s moon was exceptionally bright, and there was a swaying figure resembling Chang-e. Hou Yi missed his wife, so he sent people to Chang-e’s favourite back garden, set up a warship for Chang-e, put on Chang-e’s usual favourite honey and fresh fruit, to Chang-e in the Moon Palace. When the people heard the news that Chang-e had become immortal, they set up an altar under the moon and prayed to the kind Chang-e for good luck and peace. Since then, the custom of worshipping the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival has spread among the people.

A Night of Family and Friends on Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese holiday that is celebrated all over the world. It falls on the 15th day of this eighth month of this lunar calendar year. This holiday celebrates the full moon in September, which people believe will make their lives happier and luckier.
Mid-Autumn Festival traditions include singing, dancing, eating mooncakes, and letting off fireworks. These traditions can be traced back to ancient China when people used to celebrate the harvest at this time of year.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time when people usually spend time with their family, eat lots of moon cakes, eat moon cakes, have moon cake, have family, family, and friends, and friends. For many Chinese people, it is also a time to pay respect to our ancestors, so there are many traditional activities and rituals surrounding this holiday.

What Makes this Mid-Autumn Festival Day Special?

The Mid-Autumn Festival Day is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. Decorating the table with different fruits and sweets, they will also make their wishes for a better future.
In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals. To celebrate it, people will have a meal together on the evening of 15th day of the 8th lunar month. They also light lanterns or candles to wish for peace in their lives.

How to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Right

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.
The story goes that on this night, both the moon in the sky and the moon in a person’s home hold special significance. In ancient China, people would use round objects such as oranges to represent the moon and then symbolize unity with family members.
Today, it has become an important part of many East Asian cultures to celebrate this festival together with their loved ones.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a Great Chance to Connect with Our Loved Ones

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for our families to come together, but it’s also a time to reconnect with loved ones that we may not have seen in a while.
It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on life and do something different with your family. If you’re stuck at home, here are some ways you can take this celebration one step further:
– Make handmade lanterns: Lanterns are an important part of the tradition because they represent the moon goddess and her story. They were originally used as messages for people far away from home and now they’ve become symbols of love and hope.
– Enjoy traditional food: No matter how many times you’ve eaten moon cakes or sticky rice in your life, they never seem to get old