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Choose from the Best 3 Mooncake Brand in malaysia which is Oversea Mooncake, Kum Lun Tai Mooncake and Yu Ai Mooncake.

Our Mooncake Brand

Oversea Mooncake ( 海外天月饼)

Since 1986, we have been bringing joy to both Malaysian locals and the international market with our self-manufactured classic and contemporary mooncakes.

Kum Lun Tai Mooncake ( 锦纶泰月饼)

Kam Lun Tai has gained a reputation for creating authentic mooncakes. The company, which was founded in Jalan Sultan in 1971, adopted its name from Malaysia’s inaugural Finance Minister, Tun H.S. Lee, during his business dealings in China. Today, Kam Lun Tai is recognized as a prestigious global brand.

Yu Ai Mooncake ( 友爱月饼)

Yu-Ai, a Malaysian food industry, was founded in 1980 with a focus on edible fillings. The company has since diversified its product offerings to include mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, three-in-one instant drinks, and customized biscuit production, as well as OEM services to several Southeast Asian countries.

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Order Flow

  1. Corporate client sends an inquiry via email or phone call regarding their mooncake needs, including the preferred brand, flavor, and quantity.
  2. Bestmooncake responds to the inquiry by preparing a quotation based on the client’s requirements and sends it back to the corporate client.
  3. Upon receiving the quotation, the corporate client reviews it and if satisfied, issues a purchase order to Bestmooncake.
  4. Bestmooncake then generates an invoice based on the purchase order and sends it to the corporate client.
  5. The corporate client makes the payment for the invoice and sends the recipient name list along with the full addresses of the recipients to Bestmooncake.
  6. Bestmooncake prepares personalized thank you greeting cards for each recipient and delivers the mooncakes and greeting cards using a reliable courier service.
  7. After the delivery, Bestmooncake follows up with the recipients to ensure that they have received the mooncakes as per the recipient list provided by the corporate client.

We Help You Deliver Mooncake

With our service, customers can choose from a range of different mooncake options, including traditional and modern flavors, as well as customize their orders depending on their needs. 

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We provides convenience, quality assurance, and peace of mind for customers who want to send their loved ones or clients a delicious mooncake gift during the Mid-Autumn Festival.